Recent Work

ESPN Outdoors Media

I was contracted by ESPN to build out this media facing site. It makes heavy use of jQuery and is built on the CakePHP framework. The design was done by a friend over at Waxfang.

Fry Hammond Barr

This was built using wordpress. I had to heavily customize it to achieve the desired effects they were looking for by using jQuery to hijack the layout and create clickable elements based on parameters I could get through wordpress. This was probably the most challenging and fun time I've had customizing wordpress.

Eola Capital Media Room

This was built using a CMS I developed that was able to handle PDF uploads as well as image galleries. There is a healthy amount of jQuery to smooth out the interaction with the pages.

Ford PSC

This site has a built in registration module that I built using CakePHP. It does some auto calculations using jQuery and allows registrants to retrieve and edit their information at anytime as well as allows the administrators to download the registrants in an excel format.


This site was developed in CakePHP and is rather large. It is basically a magazine site about all things southern and uses a decent amount of jQuery to help with the load on the server. It supports multiple writers and admins as well as a user base. It was extended with Facebooks connect at one point and has an autofeed to twitter whenever an article is initially published. The db is relatively large for a small magazine site and makes heavy use of tagging to dynamically build out sections and pages.

UCF Womens Club

This was built using the CMS that I developed in CakePHP while freelancing. It makes use of all of its features and has been extended to include events, document handling, photo gallery and Google Maps.

New Genesis Financial

This was built using the CMS that I developed while freelancing. I extended the CMS on this site to include an online payment module as well as online scheduling.

Enemy Ink

This site was developed to allow the admins to update like a fully functioning CMS, it also makes use of Magento as an ecommerce face for their company. It uses jQuery as a form handler to auto tally and email them quotes for print orders that customers would like to receive.

Gator Adventure

This was built using the CMS that I developed while freelancing.

The Fathers Table

This was built using the CMS that I developed while freelancing. It was extended to include modules for broker management and login and some minor asset management.